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All Right, Here We Go

So I’ve neglecting the one thing that is supposed to guarantee Kickstarter success – I haven’t build a community around my game. This is because I hate social media and avoid it whenever I can.

Alas (and also not, because let’s be honest this thing would have 0% chance of being made in the halcyon pre-Internet days of my youth) we live now. I bend to the times.

I wish it were a pure and gentle world, a beautiful place where well-made things filter up into the global consciousness through the simple power of sincerity, craftmanship and love. HA! This is not that kind of world. But even so, I hope that as I shout across all these little corners of the Internet, trying to breathe life into my little game, it is somehow apparent to you all that sincerity, craftmanship and love are really all I’ve got here. The marketing is an ugly cave troll, whom I have hired for a time because his gigantic muscles can push this cart along. Ignore his smell. Just look what’s in the cart!

You’ll be hearing a lot from me this month, because Cubyria is super fun to play, and I would like you to play it. I think there’s a lot of treasure in the cart.

Cheers and welcome,


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