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UK Games Expo – Day 1

This place is amazing. When you first arrive it’s like an aircraft hangar buzzing with little people in yellow vests who are building trade stands of every size and color, like species of bee with their individual hive structures. I say ‘little people’ because everything in this hall, by comparison, is little. If it weren’t for the columns, I’m quite sure you could park a 747 inside and it would look little.

Actually, what I just described is Day 0, yesterday. Today is the day they opened the doors to visitors, and even in my far corner of Hall 1 (Stand 1-274, if by some miracle you come across this web site via some avenue other than having stood right in front of my stand) it was like an endless tide of humanity, also variously colored and decorated and shaped and aged, and I would say a good percentage of them (maybe say 0.1%) stopped to take a look at Cubyria. Here is what they saw, minus each other because I was worked off my feet and didn’t have time to take a picture until it was all wrapped for the day:

To the left is my 3D printer which has been whirring away all day printing rooms, just to say “Hey, cool, huh? You can do this too.” Two trestle tables with a game set up at each; these were both full most of the day and I spent much of my time bouncing back and forth between them explaining the game and answering questions. To the right is a little collection of unusual pieces I’ve collected to show the customizabity including a beautiful marble-and-bronze set, a 2/3 size mini set, some rooms printed in wood filament and magic multicolor PLA and some incredible bronze castings done by my friends at Priory Cast Products. Normally behind them is my laptop with an endless loop of my new silly Kickstarter video which you can see here. And behind is the rear end of another company’s stand which I commandeered to hold my posters.

Under the table is an electric kettle and a lot of instant coffee.

Quite comfy. It already feels like home.

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